Welcome to the website of Building Blocks: Interactive Conversations with LGBTQ Families!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Building Blocks?

Building Blocks: Interactive Conversations with LGBTQ Families is a series of interactive video documentaries about families created by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer parents.

This project aims to inspire LGBTQ families and LGBTQ parents-to-be by sharing resources and stories about baby-making and family planning; talking about anonymous donors, known donors, adoption and/or other family-making methods with kids and developing empowering creation stories; combatting heteronormativity; gender identity and parenting names; legal issues like second parent adoption; DIY at-home baby-making, fertility specialists and pregnancy; navigating the adoption process; and discussing answers to this question: How can the world change to be more inclusive and celebratory of our (LGBTQ!) families?

Who is this project for?

LGBTQ parents-to-be, LGBTQ-led families, kids with LGBTQ parents/guardians, everyone interested in supporting LGBTQ-led families!

How can I watch it?

All interactive videos can be found right here on our website! One video is available now: A conversation with the Chen-Hayes family! A multi-family conversation is coming soon… Stay tuned!